Invisible Backpack – Lightweight

Cesare Pavese said: "If you want to travel, you can get on the road. Get rid of all jealousy, jealousy, unforgiveness, selfishness and fear."

Each of us walks through life with memories, experiences and stories as the backdrop to life. Every time we encounter something new, we carry an invisible backpack filled with everything we think we need to succeed. If we look at the backpack carefully, we will find happy memories, fulfilling fulfilling moments, financial successes, hopes and dreams. These are full of sadness, unforgiveness, loss and fear. Even though our lives are full of experience, we often dispel good things and amplify bad things.

Psychologists have found that despite many of our achievements, negative emotions are different from positive emotions in the cerebral hemisphere. Therefore, negative emotions require more thinking and more information to solve. In addition, Professor Roy Baumeister, co-author of "Bad than Strong", found that bad experiences have a greater impact on us than good experiences. This makes it easy for us to forget what we are grateful for.

In order to reduce the burden of luggage and empty the invisible backpack so that we can travel quickly, we must untie the negative beliefs, we forgive the attitude and unfair attitude, and the story of "They did the wrong thing for me." We must eliminate many things that make us feel depressed.

Start changing life and open the package of the backpack by doing the following:

Remember the kindness that happens to you. Five [5] things will change one [1] negative experience. This is the perfect time to create the Gratitude Journal or the Daily Miracle Journal. List five or more things you want to thank. Gratefulness is endless. There are no big and small miracles. Only grateful. Within a year, you will have 365-1,825 "daily" miracles.

Bragging list. Create a list of achievements that you can boast about. Try to list seven things. Keep this list ready to use and check it at least once a week. Your bragging list will remind you that in every new storm, you are very surprised and have conquered many storms. When life is whispering, "you can't resist the storm." You replied: "I am a storm."

Determine the miracle. Every experience brings a lot of lessons and blessings. List the lessons learned and the insights gained. If you can't change this, use the lessons you learned and the ideas you got so you can change your mind. Ask yourself how growing from this experience will help you find gold nuggets where you think it is dark.

Your luggage bag is now lighter. What is the next stop?

  boarding. Your dream is waiting.

  Great dreams! Live the life you imagined.

  Remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne.