Hong Kong Tourism Gold Award: 10K + Buddhist Temple

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The luxurious Shatin in the northeastern part of Hong Kong has laid the Wanfo Temple, one of Hong Kong's most memorable cultural attractions. It is said that the Wanfo Temple is a bit of a misnomer. First of all, this is a monastery without monks, actually having 12,000 Buddhas. When the passenger arrives, the experience starts from a steep slope with about 400 stairs and a golden Buddha in various poses. When travelers travel to the green leaves, it is well known that shameless monkeys will steal their plastic bags to look forward to customers, thus showing up and harassing passengers. After the last corner of the mountain, the head of the main hall rises, followed by dramatic red paint and some dragon patterns.

This temple looks old or ancient, but it is actually a modern product. It was built in 1950 in #39; the third-grade inlaid ashes bar was built by Buddhist teacher Yue Kai and his followers. Inside the temple, a golden leaf covered the statue in the lotus pond, which is said to be the remains of Yue Kai. Surrounded by and surrounded by a golden Buddha statue that marks the side of each ashes bar. Elsewhere in the square there is a nine-story Man Fat Sze tower, a koi pond and several colourful pavilions, one of which is dedicated to the goddess of mercy. At the address on the top of the hill there is a vegetarian restaurant with a new view of the New Territories.

It takes only 10 minutes from Shatin Station to walk to the East Rail Line in about 40 minutes from the central station. There is no sign to guide the traveller to the Abbey Trail. However, it is generally recommended to drive along Pai Tau Street in the northwest. The street is usually bent to the left, taking visitors through the head hall, which is a large white building, then turn right and go all the way to the end.

At the end of the road, an unmarked road leading to the monastery began. It includes landmarks such as dodging fences and weedy weeds. If it appears on the way, then we should assume that we are on the right path. The temple is free from 9am to 5:15pm, allowing visitors to slowly visit the famous monastery.

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